Weird Grrlz 1st Annual Round Robin Art Doll Swap

We create Life, not Product!

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The guidelines we have come up with are:

Each grrl or boi will start a doll and work on a part of each doll. A commercially made doll or doll made by someone else, for a starter doll, is acceptable.

The starter doll can be of any material, vinyl, cloth, etc. but must fit in a standard size Priority Mail box.

Please, no deliberately covering up anyone else's artwork on the dolls, but accidents will be forgiven. These dollies are knowingly embarking on a rough journey laced with many hazards. No pain, no gain.

No criticism, please. Some of us are sensitive. 

Each doll will travel with a journal to keep track of her (his/its) journey (even if it is a handmade notebook of pages stapled together.)  An on-line journal can also be kept updated on this website.

Each doll can have a Wish List, for example, the doll may "want" a specific color theme or "want" new hair. If you would like to schedule your doll to have surgery, for example, you can put it on the  list. As each person completes each thing on the wish list, she can check it off. The  wish lists are just suggestions, not requirements.  

The theme for this year's swap is GOTH, but no other general restrictions. Anything weird goes. Limb amputations, stitches, bleeding lacerations, and other medical procedures on the dolls may occur, so if you don't want these awful things to happen to your dollies, please specify so, cause with this group, anything could happen !!!


Last Year's Victims:


Pathetic Purple Clown (PPC), dodged the draft by moving to Canada


Morgoth LaVey Deception, a/k/a Elfvish


Jacky, the Gothic Harlequin


Axing Lizzie, she bites!


Alice, the Purple Grrl


Little Miss Psychotic Fit, who now has clean underwear